Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Ten Months Old!

Kellen turned 10 months old this past Saturday!  

10 months down and only 2 to go before he is one year old.... 

This past month has been a big one as far as development goes.
  • Size 12 month clothes
  • Sleeps through the night the majority of the nights!  He goes to bed around 8pm and is up around 6:30am.
  • Still takes a morning nap and an afternoon nap
  • Nurses or has a bottle four times a day
  • Continues to eat two jars of baby food at each meal
  • Has just started finger feeding.  So far, he likes puffs, bananas, peaches and sweet potatoes.
  • Wants nothing to do with a sippy cup yet
  • Just got his first tooth yesterday!
  • Pulls self up to standing position and pushes his walker and other objects around.
  • Starting to attempt standing independently.
  • Has gotten really good at climbing up the stairs - of course, we are right behind him!
  • Says dada, baba, nana, and I am pretty sure I heard him say poop yesterday.  Still no mama!
  • Tries to mimic what we do and it is hysterical! 
  • Starting to 'dance' to music
  • Is interested in EVERYTHING his brothers are doing and wants to be part of the action!
  • Is extremely attached to Mommy and is very clingy, but I think it's getting better the past few days.

Discovered a mirror at the Children's Museum and he thought he was just so awesome!
Being goofy at my big brothers birthday party!
Swimming in the pool.  I love the water!
Having fun hanging out with my Daddy!
My brothers were teaching me how to slide
I REALLY like balloons
I also really like to ride my horsey
I got to play like a big kid in the water at the Children's Museum
Enjoyed my first Fourth of July parade
And I really like to swing

I have also included a few videos from this past month:

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