Monday, September 23, 2013

Summer 2013

We have had a great summer this year!  It has been busy, but fun!  

We started this summer by going to Michigan with Kevin's parents.  

We came back from vacation and celebrated Braden's second birthday - there is a separate on that.  One of his favorite gifts was his water table which the boys have had a blast playing with.

We spent lots of time outside and playing in the pool.  Braden liked sliding into the pool - good fun!

What else?  Oh yeah... we moved.  Again.  It's kind of our thing.  However, I think that pending any major life altering happenings, we are here for the long haul.  We kept our other home and have rented it out to a very nice family.  Our new neighborhood had woods that run through it and there is an awesome paved trail throughout.  We walk every evening (weather permitting), so I'm sure that nobody is going to be happy once it's too cold to do that.

We have checked out some parks near our new home and the boys have found one that they really like.  It has a dinosaur thing that they can ride together.

We had a "land of toys" after we moved in because we had nowhere to put them.  The boys, and cousin Jackson, loved playing in there.  I am happy to say that we now have storage and this is no longer the scene in our home.

In September we all got together to celebrate my Grandpa Bob's 90th birthday!  Here is a photo of him with all of his great-grandchildren.

Braden LOVES his cousin Jackson.  It is really cute to watch them play together.

Our new favorite activity on our walks is to look for buckeyes.  Braden gets really excited to find them and he has them all stockpiled in his nightstand.

Finally, we are starting to dive into the world of potty training.  It's not going well - I don't think he's quite ready yet.  However, Logan is super interested and will not let Braden go to the bathroom alone.

Fun at the Indianapolis Zoo!

Nana and Poppi were in town, so we took the boys to the zoo.  We went first thing in the morning on a Sunday.  A Sunday when the Colts had a home game.  Evidently, that is the time to go!  The zoo was almost deserted, and the boys were able to get up close to everything!

They had a blast!

We were able to get there in time to watch them feed the seals.

Logan was absolutely mesmerized with the fish.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Logan is One!

Our baby boy is one year old!!!!  I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by.  

Ok, so we've been pretty busy, so I'm actually not writing this until September - he is currently 13.5 months old.  Here are his updates:

  • No current stats, but I did put him on the scale last week and he is finally 20 pounds.  Forward facing car seat, here we come!
  • He is starting to run... not a milestone I was looking forward too :)
  • He loves to dance and play outside
  • He says: mama, dada, baba, ball, car, dog, kitty cat (ki-cat), nana, more, down, no
  • He is drinking whole milk with no issues.  Thank goodness we have outgrown that cow's milk allergy!
  • He is still a picky eater.  Doesn't really eat fruit with the exception of bananas.  Won't touch veggies.  He might eat a bite of meat, but that's it.  LOVES dairy products and bread.  
  • He sleeps through the night from 8pm until 6:30/7:30am
  • He takes one nap a day - at the same time as Braden!  Hallelujah!  From about 12:30-2:30.  Unless we are in the car - I swear, the kid cannot stay awake in the car.  
  • He claps, blows kisses, and plays peekaboo.
  • He loves blankie, his stuffed tiger, Mickey, and Little Einsteins
We had his birthday party the Saturday before he turned one, since we were moving the following Saturday.  We did a Hungry Caterpillar theme and it was a blast!  Sorry for the overload of photos!

The awesome birthday sign that Barb made for the big day!

The sign directing everyone to sign Logan's book.
His book that he can keep forever - it's tucked away in a safe place for now!
Part of the favor bags - Trix cereal aka 'Caterpillar Food'
Our "ice cream cones"

The caterpillar made of cupcakes

The shirt he wore to his party!
Happy Birthday Little Man!