Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Snow of 2013

Just when we thought winter was over.... we got hit with around 7 inches of snow!  Kevin took the day off and took Braden outside to play!

Logan is 8 months old and Braden is Almost 2!


  • I don't have updated weight/height info - he doesn't have another pediatrician appointment until he turns 9 months old
  • He is crawling all over the place, and is getting quite fast!
  • He pulls himself up to a standing position using toys or the couch
  • He tries to climb onto just about anything
  • Is finally OK with baby food and eats 3 times a day
  • He loves fruit, especially bananas... hates veggies.  Hates them.
  • Doesn't want to finger feed yet.
  • Is still nursing.  We tried formula a month ago and it backfired big time.  He still has a cow's milk allergy and refuses to drink the hypoallergenic formula.  
  • Takes good naps now!  He usually takes 1.5-2 hour naps a day.  Sometimes he needs a short third nap in the late afternoon.
  • Still gets up once, sometimes twice, at night to eat.  
  • Continues to be happy!
  • Doesn't like to be constrained now that he is so mobile.  Hates going in the car seat or high chair, but once we manage to get him in there he is fine.  Hates the jumper now.
  • Wants to play with EVERYTHING Braden is playing with.  This leads to a lot of "no" and "mine".  Sharing is not Braden's thing yet :)
  • No teeth yet!
  • Loves it outside - too bad it hasn't been consistently warm yet.
The monthly pictures are getting to be more of a challenge these days... he doesn't want to sit still!


I have less pictures of just Braden simply because he doesn't sit still long enough to get any!  


  • Braden weighs 25 pounds as of a few weeks ago when I took him to the doctor for a cold
  • His hair is out of control.  Like, unmanageable out of control.  It's curly and wild.
  • He is almost 2 and boy can you tell! 
  • He is independent, stubborn, strong willed, determined, and knows what he wants.
  • He is also very sweet, loving, and funny.
  • He loves his Bubbie (Logan) and is always very concerned about him. Except for when Logan tries to play with his toys - he doesn't much care for him then :)
  • He is running, jumping, climbing, etc.  
  • He has NO fear.
  • You can actually have conversations with him now.  It's pretty awesome.  He strings 3 words together now - sometimes 4 if you are lucky.
  • He is a good eater and a decent sleeper.  He has been getting up once at night and wants some milk, but he goes right back to sleep. 
  • He is nowhere close to being ready to potty train.  He is very interested in the potty, but really could care less to try to use it, and could care less if he has a very wet diaper.
  • He loves trains (choo choos), cars, coloring, Mickey, and playing outside.

Easter 2013

We had such a great Easter this year!  It was Logan's first Easter and Braden's second, but it was really the first that he understood about egg hunts and Easter baskets.  He is still to young to understand the true meaning of Easter, but we are working on that :)

We celebrated Easter with Kevin's family a week early so that everyone would be able to be together.  It was a chilly day, but fun nonetheless.  We had a great Easter dinner, egg hunt, and celebrated March birthdays - including Kevin's.  Here are some photos from Kokomo:

It was kind of nice just to do Easter as a family around our house.  When the kiddos woke up we came out and let them open their baskets.  Here is a video of that:

The Easter bunny came!

Not looking too amused with their bunny ears, but they were cute!
We then did an egg hunt in the backyard that afternoon since the weather was so nice!  Here is a video:

And more photos from the day!