Thursday, August 25, 2011

10 Weeks Old!

Braden was 10 weeks old this past Tuesday. Hard to believe, right? It's crazy how fast time has gone. He went to the pediatrician yesterday for his two month checkup (a bit late since we were on vacation). The doctor says he is doing great! He was 9 pounds 15 ounces and 23 inches long.

Here are some things that he is doing now:

He has rolled over from his back to his stomach a few times.
Cooing and making crazy gurgle noises
Smiling like crazy!
Holding his head up
Sitting up in the Bumbo - if he's laying on our laps he tries to sit up and it looks like he's doing crunches!
Standing on our legs - he is freakishly strong...
He knows Mommy and Daddy by voice and by face
He can turn toward sounds and follow objects with his eyes
He found his hands and they are always in his mouth.
And last night, he slept for 9 hours straight! Though Mommy and Daddy did not because of the crazy storms...
He really likes his ocean activity mat.

He still doesn't nap much - usually a few 20 minute naps and then maybe a one hour nap. There is nothing wrong with his appetite. He is eating 4 ounces every 2-3 hours. He still hates the bouncy seat and HATES tummy time. In fact, he hates tummy time so much that he screams until he falls asleep :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Outer Banks

This year the Davis family took a vacation to the Outer Banks of North Carolina - specifically, Corolla, NC. We loaded up all of our stuff, Braden, Rocco, and my brother's dog Posey, into the van and headed out. It's a long 15+ hour drive to Corolla, so we split the drive into two days. Braden did very well in the car, and didn't scream too much. We stayed at a hotel in West Virginia and learned that Rocco hates hotels. Kevin literally had to carry him in and out to go potty. He was so scared! We stopped in Virginia to visit with Kevin's cousin Mike, his wife Melissa, and their twin boys Charlie and Carter. The boys are so cute!

The house that my parents rented was right on the beach and was super nice. We did nothing but hang out on the beach all week. The weather was perfect! Not too hot and it only rained at night once!

Our family on the beach.
Braden keeps getting cuter!
The Davis family

Our view from the back deck of the house.
My little man in his fishy hat!
Our setup on the beach - Braden had a little cabana so he could stay out of the sun.
He LOVED sleeping on the beach!

Daddy and Braden hanging out on the beach

Braden and Grandpa spending some time together!

Rocco also enjoyed the beach. He loved to sit on this bench and look out at the ocean!
At first, he wasn't too sure about the ocean...
But he learned to love it really quick! We couldn't keep him out of the water!

And Braden also got his first taste of ocean water.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Braden's First Trip to Arizona

This past weekend Braden went on his first trip to Arizona! Poor Kevin had to stay home to work - we missed him and wish he could have come with us. We went to AZ for my best friends baby shower. I was nervous to fly by myself with Braden and all of the stuff he requires, so my mom flew to Indy and then flew back to Arizona with us. Braden did awesome on both flights! He slept, woke up to eat, and then went back to sleep. He didn't make a sound the entire time!

Braden also got his first taste of the swimming pool at my parent's house. He loved it! He also loves talking to Grandpa :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

7 Weeks Old

First, I have to say THANK YOU to Meredith for the adorable photo of Braden! There are MANY more photos to come, and I'll post them when I have them.

Braden is 7 weeks old! He is smiling so much and is cooing all the time! I love the cute noises he makes. He is starting to follow objects (and mommy and daddy) with his eyes. He is enjoying spending more time on the floor on his activity mat. We are working on being content without being held all the time - that's a hard transition! It's hard for Braden and it's really hard for mommy to hear him cry... but, it must be done. Of course, Mommy doesn't let him cry for more than a few minutes at this point. He does pretty well sleeping during the night. He usually sleeps for 4-5 hours, gets up to eat, then sleeps for another 2-3 hours. Sometimes, he will surprise us and sleep for almost 7 hours, but that is not a very regular thing at this point. We will probably need to move him to his crib soon because he is getting so big! We put him to sleep in his bassinet and when he wakes up he is sideways and squished between the edges - it doesn't seem very comfortable! We are also working on napping... the past two days he has taken one two hour nap and several cat naps. I would LOVE to get him transitioned into two long naps a day, but we will see how it goes!

Pregnancy Photo Timeline

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