Tuesday, April 26, 2011

32 Weeks and a Birthday!

32 Weeks down!
I'm still feeling great! I thought for sure that the last 8 weeks were going to be miserable. Why did I think this? Well, one day last week, I had every single "pregnancy symptom" that I never had before. All in one day. I didn't feel good, was extremely tired and uncomfortable, got HORRIBLE heartburn which lasted all day AND night, and leg cramps. This lasted for two days, and then disappeared!

We have now graduated to doctor appointments every two weeks which will be the case until 36 weeks when I get the pleasure of going weekly. I saw Dr. Mernitz this time, who is quickly becoming one of my favorites. So, if my regular doctor is not back from maternity leave by the time this baby decides to come, I am praying that Dr. Mernitz is on-call that day. He checked to see what position she was in, and just as I suspected, she is sideways. I guess the technical term is transverse. I can feel her hands move on the lower left side of my abdomen and her feet always kick me on my right side. He said that there is still plenty of time for her to get in the correct position and they really don't start getting too concerned with it until 34 weeks or so, but they probably won't attempt to do anything about it until 36 weeks if she hasn't moved by then.

I passed my glucose screening test with flying colors! Thank goodness for that, because if I had to give up sugar and carbs I was going to be in serious trouble. All of the other blood work came back normal as well. As of last week, my weight gain is 13 pounds. They tell me I'm supposed to gain about a pound a week from now until the end, so hopefully I'm looking at right around 20 pounds. Also, Dr. Mernitz said that I am just very blessed to have a super long abdomen. I swear that people give me dirty looks and are thinking that I'm not eating enough or something because they think I should be bigger. Well, the doctors say she is doing just fine. And I eat... A LOT.

On another note, Rocco is one year old today! I stopped at Walgreens on the way home to get a birthday hat, but they don't sell any! I was so disappointed! So, Kevin went to the basement and came out with a sombrero! Doesn't he look thrilled?
Eventually he gave in and wore it long enough for me to get a decent picture :)
Rocco has not had any "people food" yet, and we are trying to hold off on that. At least until this baby is old enough to feed him her food... So, we went to Petsmart to find him something special for his birthday. They make canned Turducken dog food. I think that is crazy enough that people make Turducken, but to put it in dog food form? Seriously? But Kevin insisted that we get it, so here it is.
Rocco got two new toys for his birthday. He was very excited about them. He has been chewing on the bone since we gave it to him about 90 minutes ago, and it's just about finished. He is so out of breath and desperately needs a drink of water, but he just won't quit until it's completely gone!
Since Rocco got Turducken for dinner, we decided to give the cats some canned food too. We don't give it to them often, but it's the Fnacy Feast with gravy, and as you can see, Oscar goes nuts for the stuff... make sure you turn your volume up for the full effect!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

30 Weeks

Ok, well 30 weeks and 4 days to be exact. I meant to get this posted Monday when I was 30 weeks to be exact, but I have had late nights each and every night this week, so I have not found the time until now.

67 days to go.

I've still been feeling great! Baby has had the hiccups a few times this week which is new. They are pretty awesome to feel, except for when she has them for what seems like FOREVER when I'm trying to go to sleep.

I have graduated to doctor appointment every two weeks now. Last appointment I had my glucose screening. I haven't heard from the doctor, so I'm assuming that means I passed and do not have gestational diabetes. I have gained 12 pounds so far, and I'm supposed to gain about a pound a week from now until the end. I know weight gain is good, but it's really hard to watch the numbers on the scale continue to climb! They say that I am measuring right on track still, so baby should be somewhere between 3 and 3.5 pounds and 17 inches long, or so.