Friday, February 27, 2015

Kellen Is 5 Months Old!

Kellen turned five months old when we were in Arizona!


Despite my good intentions, I have not gotten around to weighing him or measuring him this month.  He is almost six months old now, so I'm just going to call that a loss and move on so I can post this!


  • SUCH a happy baby!
  • Smiles and laughs a lot
  • Is very ticklish under arms
  • Rolls all the time
  • Is starting to push himself forward with his feet, but has not gotten up on his knees yet
  • Is sitting up really well with support and is trying to figure out how to sit on his own
  • His hands are constantly in his mouth.  Actually, anything that even comes close to his mouth end up there!
  • He recently discovered his feet and is fascinated by them.  He tries to put his feet in his mouth too, but hasn't quite mastered that skill yet
  • Nurses or has a bottle every 3-4 hours during the day and once overnight
  • Eats baby cereal and baby food now!  We usually offer it to him twice a day at this point.  So far, he has had apples, pears, carrots and sweet potatoes and likes them all!
  • Naps about three times a day.  Usually has one longer nap and two shorter ones.
  • Goes to bed around 8pm and wakes somewhere between 2am and 4am to nurse and then goes back to sleep until 6 or 7am


  • His hands and feet
  • His jumperoo
  • Stroller rides
  • His big brothers
  • Watching basketball
  • Sophie the Giraffe
  • Eating
  • Bath time
  • Sleeping on his tummy
  • Being held.  He cries when he wants to be held and then stops.  Makes Mommy happy and exhausted at the same time!  The Baby Bjorn gets a lot of use these days!
  • When Mommy says 'ouch'.  Mommy hurts and Kellen cracks up!  He thinks it is just hysterical.


  • Still HATES being in his carseat...
  • Does not really enjoy being on his tummy when awake
  • The cold weather
  • Middle of the night diaper changes
  • The nasal aspirator - poor kiddo is always congested so we use it multiple times a day :(


Kellen took his first big trip this month!  We went to Arizona for a week.  He went on his first airplane ride, got to spend a lot of time outside in the warm weather, and met his GiGi and Mommy's Aunts and Uncles.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Video Updates

The boys still love to dance!

Kellen is big enough for his jumperoo and he loves it!

And, he has figured out how to be really noisy, so he fits in well around here :)