Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Morning 2013

We have been anxiously looking forward to Christmas this year because the boys are getting to the point where they are beginning to understand the concept.  

We have been talking about the Christmas Story a lot, and Braden can tell you that it's Baby Jesus' birthday, but he is a bit confused about why we don't attend an actual birthday party for Him.  We have tried to explain that we give gifts to each other instead to show our love.  He is TOTALLY on board with that explanation.  

Of course, we have also explained that Santa comes and brings presents to those that are good.  Or, in our house, he settles for good-ish.  :)
Every time someone says 'Santa', the boys chime in and say 'Ho Ho Ho' - it's really annoyingly cute. We took them to see Santa.  They are thrilled.  Can't you tell?

We have actually been celebrating Christmas for several weeks now when you include extended family events, but I will do a separate post about those later, since they haven't all happened yet!

Braden was really excited that Santa was going to bring presents when he was sleeping.  He actually went right to sleep which is a miracle in itself.  However, he woke up at 6:15am (it's always within a few minutes of 6:15am... darn internal clock) and was asking to open presents.  Of course, Logan was not awake yet since he enjoys sleeping.  So we brought Braden into our room and watched cartoons for a bit until Logan finally woke up.  

Here is a video of Christmas morning in our house.  Warning:  It's long.  Like 18 minutes.  I'll put pictures underneath as well, if you don't want to watch the whole thing.

Ready for Christmas Morning!

Ready to see what Santa left

Ready to open presents in our new chairs!

Taking a break to read a book in his new chair

There were toys scattered EVERYWHERE

Helping Daddy open his gifts

Playing with their new tool stuff

Matching jammies on Christmas night