Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Michigan Vacation 2010

Every June we head up to a lake in Michigan with Kevin's family. They love to fish and will fish all day everyday. I don't mind fishing, as long as I don't have to touch anything :) And, we only went for a few days this year, so I was OK with fishing each day. When we go for the whole week, I usually reach my limit with how much fishing I can take!

Here is Kevin with his first fish that he caught.
And me with mine. However, I refused to touch the fish, so Kevin held it in front of my face while I snapped a picture. I would have been perfectly fine without a picture, but he insisted that we needed one.
The lake has TONS of swans, and I think they are pretty cool.
Especially when they go under the water and their butts are in the air!
The first day we were there we noticed that a robin had made her nest in the fake palm tree on the porch of the cabin next to us. There were four baby birds in the nest and we watched them learn to fly when we were there! By the time we left, all four had flown away.
Here is Clayton so proud of the big fish that he caught.
That fish wore him out and he decided to take a nap :)
And Lexi with one of the big fish that she caught.
And Brian? Well, he caught a big mound of yucky lake weeds...
Me, Kevin, Brian, and Greg going fishing on our last day there.
We had a great time, and as always, vacation was too short!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

2010 Indy 500

This year's Indy 500 was a hot one! In fact, it was the hottest race in history. They said the temperature got up to 96 degrees! This year the race fell on May 30, 2010 which happened to be our first anniversary! We celebrated it in style by drinking beer out of cans and sweating like pigs watching the race. We did go out for sushi later that week though, so all is good.

Every year we go to my Dad's friends house in Speedway before the race. We park there and hang out for awhile before walking over the the track. It is nice to beat the traffic.

Here we are hanging out before the race.
And here is the massive amount of jello shots that Angie brought.

Happy one year!
This is not a real deer head - it was a plastic one that sings...
And off to the track we go!
The pagoda.
And the fly over - one of my favorite parts!

The start of the race.
Yes, it was hot. Kevin was dipping the towel in the cooler and putting it under his hat.
Dad, me and Matt.
Happy one year!
The Indy 500 winner, Dario.
Chris, Matt, and Kevin after the race.