Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

We had a great Easter weekend this year!  We spent Saturday outside because it was so warm.  We completed some landscaping projects and did an Easter Egg hunt with the boys in our backyard (video included later).  It's so nice that Spring weather has finally decided to arrive.  Now, if Spring could stay awhile this year and not jump right into Summer, that would be awesome.

On Saturday, the boys opened their Easter gifts from Nana and Poppi that arrived in the mail earlier in the week.  One of the things inside was the Sweet Dancin' Bunny from Hallmark.  The boys think this bunny is awesome... I have no idea who is teaching Braden to dance.  Check out the video:

New play dough!

And a new book!
On Sunday, the boys came downstairs and opened their Easter baskets.  We gave them a little bit of candy, but of course included things about why we celebrate Easter.  Logan got a board book called What Is Easter which I really like because it explains the meaning of Easter in a way they can understand it.  Braden got a new children's Bible story book.  We read Bible stories every night before bed, and the book that he had is small and does not have that many stories, and he ALWAYS picks Noah and the Ark.  Every night.  We have read it at least 150 times, and I just can't read that particular one anymore.  SO... this Children's Bible is set up more like an adult Bible, so we will just work our way from beginning to end.  Only reading Noah once along the way :)

That afternoon we went up to Kokomo to spend time with Kevin's family.  We had a nice lunch and the boys did another Easter egg hunt.  I did not manage to get that one on video, but did take several pictures.  Again, it was so nice, so we spent much of the day outside.

Here is our video from Easter morning and the Saturday Easter egg hunt, and some pictures from the weekend.

It took him a second to realize there was candy in the eggs, and then about 3 minutes to eat ALL of it.

Logan was more interested in the golf ball he had than the eggs

Annual family photo

Mom.  We are not going to cooperate with this photo shoot.

Checking out cousin Lexi's hamster Pop Tart.

Finding eggs at Grandpa and Grandma's

Mom - my basket is really full!

Logan didn't want to put any of them in his basket.  He preferred to just hold them.