Monday, April 27, 2015

All About Logan

Poor Logan has also been neglected as far as blog posts go.  Unintentionally of course, but I figured I had better dedicate a post just to him!

Oh Logan, where to start... He brings us so much joy and laughter every day, but is is also our most challenging of the three kiddos :)

  • He is very smart but also extremely stubborn and strong willed.  If he doesn't want to do something it is a huge battle to get him to do it.
  • Potty training:  because of the above point, potty training continues to be a challenge.  He was almost completely potty trained for a few weeks and then just decided he wasn't going to be and began having accidents.  We decided to put him back in diapers, but that didn't work very well either.  He would pee or poop in the diapers and then take them off without telling us, so we would find dirty diapers everywhere.  The only way he wouldn't have any accidents is if he was naked, but of course he can't be naked all the time.  Just this last few days he has been doing much better about staying dry.  Hopefully he decides to keep it up this time!
  • Loves to cuddle with Mommy and Daddy
  • Loves to dance, sing, run, jump, and climb.
  • He also tends to be a bit clumsy, so he falls a lot.
  • Has a slight stuttering issue, but I think it's because his mind is working too fast and his mouth can't keep up!
  • Is starting to get into imaginative play
  • Loves to play with Braden, but doesn't really care too much about playing with Kellen yet.
  • Wants to be outside 24/7
  • Does not like much fruit except for bananas but does very well with vegetables.  Is a more adventurous eater than Braden
  • Sleeps from 8 or 8:30pm until about 7am
  • Naps once a day, at the same time as his brothers in the afternoon.  He DEFINITELY needs a nap during the day.
  • Has a big temper and is not very patient.  He can get very mad very quickly and often times will throw toys or hit things.  We are working on that...
  • He can also be very silly and goes into what we call "Bear Mode" where is is just off the wall crazy and hysterical

This usually happens whenever we get the markers out :)

Being silly

Waiting for swim lessons to start


All About Braden

Can you believe that Braden turns four years old in about six weeks?!?!  With all of the monthly blog updates about Kellen, the big boys have been unintentionally neglected in the blog, so here is a post dedicated to Braden!

  • Has an excellent and large vocabulary
  • Has a very active imagination and comes up with the craziest stories to tell us
  • Loves to read books
  • Loves to watch cartoons and movies, but we do try to limit it.  However, it is helpful if we need him to sit somewhere and not move for an extended period of time :)  His current favorites are: Wild Krats, Word World, Daniel Tiger, Cars and Frozen.  Of course, he LOVES Ninja Turtles, Spiderman and Batman, but we find that he plays too rough after watching them, so we don't watch them too often
  • Loves to play.  He is good at independent play as well as playing with others.  He struggles with sharing sometimes, but I haven't met a kiddo yet who doesn't struggle with that.  Sometimes his playing is too rough and he doesn't quite understand that he is capable of hurting himself or others.  
  • His current favorite toys are: Paw Patrol vehicles, Batman and Ninja Turtles, airplanes, cars, Transformers and anything that can be used outside.
  • He is still lingering in the whining three year old stage but has very much entered the bossy four year old stage.  He definately knows what he wants to do and doesn't like it when his brothers (or Mommy and Daddy) have other plans
  • He is fully potty trained except for overnight.  He is such a sound sleeper that he isn't able to wake up at night when he needs to use the restroom.  So for now, he remains in Pull Ups at night.
  • Wears size 4T clothes!  
  • Is a great eater most of the time.  He loves fruit.  Veggies are more of a struggle.  He also insists that he hates potatoes yet he loves french fries.  
  • He sleeps at night from 8 or 8:30pm until about 7am.
  • He does still nap during the afternoon most days for about 90 minutes
  • He also still LOVES Kellen and enjoys making him laugh

Had a dental check up last month and did great!

Loves preschool projects and learning

Showing off the airplane wings we made one day

Sunday, April 19, 2015

7 Months Old!

Happy seven month birthday to our Baby K!


We don't go to the pediatrician this month, so I don't have a current weight or height for him.  He is wearing mostly 9 month clothes these days though.


  • Is so close to sitting up on his own.  He will sit there for awhile but can't quite stop himself from falling over yet.
  • He is also really close to crawling.  He gets up onto his hands and knees and rocks back and forth, sometimes extremely fast!  I'm sure it won't be long.
  • Even though he isn't crawling, he has no problem getting to what he wants.  He rolls all over the place.
  • Still nurses or has a bottle every 3-4 hours during the day
  • Eating one or two jars of baby food at each meal
  • Naps twice a day
  • Goes to bed around 8p and is up around 6:30 or 7a, but he still gets up once overnight to nurse
  • Just started making sounds like 'da' and 'ga' 
  • Laughs and shrieks all the time
  • Only cries when he is hungry, tired, or bored, and it really isn't even a cry - it's more of a whimper.  He is seriously the happiest baby!
  • Is finally starting to get some hair!


  • Most every food we give him, especially peas
  • Being outside
  • Going for stroller rides
  • The zoo!
  • Continues to love Braden.  I'm sure he loves Logan too, but Logan is at the age where he really just doesn't pay much attention to Kellen.
  • Bath time
  • Bouncing in his jumper


  • Bananas
  • Napping - he doesn't let us rock him to sleep anymore, and he doesn't take a pacifier, so he just has to cry before he will fall asleep, but it's usually only 10 minutes or so.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Easter 2015

We had a great Easter this year!  It was Kellen's first Easter!  My brother and sister-in-law had a baby a few weeks ago, so we were able to make Easter dinner and take it to them and enjoy our time together!  Here are some photos and a video!